What will you do to impact the future of Texas?

We know the banner of liberty will only go as far as those brave enough to carry it.
That’s why Texans First was created.


Entrepreneurial innovation — it’s used everyday in business. We put it to work to shape the future of Texas. Texans First provides a forum to discuss, debate and seek support for initiatives that will lead to transformational reforms for Texas.


At Texans First, we bring together civic-minded leaders from across Texas willing to put their time, talents and treasure to work to keep the Lone Star State shining brightly. Texans First connects entrepreneurs, business leaders, civic leaders and philanthropists dedicated to preserving Texas as a beacon of hope for America.


From education to economic vitality, we believe innovative and disruptive ideas are what our state needs most. Texans First is a nontraditional, donor-activist model committed to putting the principles of liberty into action to improve the lives of all Texans.

Who We Are

Texans First is a collection of more than 100 entrepreneurs, business leaders and philanthropists from across the state committed to advancing opportunity and liberty for all Texans through civic philanthropy. 

At Texans First, we connect and engage civic-minded entrepreneurs willing to put their time, talents and treasure into the world of policy, giving them a forum to discuss, debate and seek support for ideas that will lead to transformational reforms for Texas.

Texans First participants focus on community and state-based issues and civic engagement in Texas. Participants are often active drivers as well as investors in the causes they’re most passionate about.

What We Believe

Less Government Bureaucracy


Fair Civil
Justice System

Texans First participants hold the tenets of limited government, reasonable regulations and a fair civil justice system as guiding principles, and believe that we have a duty to preserve liberty in Texas for future generations. 

We believe entrepreneurs and business leaders have a duty to become involved in important state issues, championing common sense solutions and putting fellow Texans above any conflicts of interest with their own businesses.

Join Our Efforts

What will the future of Texas look like 10 years from now? Which type of reform will bring the greatest, most enduring benefits? Do you import reform or create it? When is the right time to act?

These are the questions we wrestle with at Texans First. We know Texas is a special place with a frontier spirit that makes it the ideal place to champion entrepreneurial solutions to the critical issues facing everyday Texans.

We also know the startup culture isn’t exclusive to the world of private enterprise. That’s why at Texans First, we have a nontraditional philanthropic angel investor model. Participant-driven, the entrepreneurs and business leaders in Texans First put the same skills that created successful ventures into the world of policy—so that our state continues to shine as a beacon of hope for the rest of our country.

We know that by joining forces we can do much more than we can do individually. That’s why we created Texans First. And it’s why we invite you to discover how you can impact the future of Texas for generations to come.

Contact Us

Texans First
P.O. Box 6492
Austin, Texas 78762


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